A 360° view of your customer relationship

Created in 2016 by Virginie Nahum Watel, AFNOR Certification auditor. VNW is a company specialized in customer relationship, that operates in France and worldwide. 

VNW is structured in 3 activities :

  • VNW audit & consulting to valorise the know-how 
  • VNW training* involved in skills development 
  • Allo VNW offers a platform for outsourcing services 

*VNW is Qualiopi certified for its training activities

Our team is composed of professionals from the world of business and industry. With proven experience in their field of intervention.

Solicited for our highly operational approach, VNW designs support devices and customized training.Respect for customers, integrity, quality of service and confidentiality of data are intrinsic values for VNW.